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You cantribute!

Sponsor a child!


To sponsor a child, is to do something that helps one of those often considered the least of our brothers see transformation in their life, see a window of possibilities, a new heaven.


Everyday we spend money on things that only bring temporary satisfaction, such as a sweet or a drink, or something that ends up in a corner of our house, unused. We suggest you consider doing something for these child, in whose heart, God himself hides. Would 66 cents a day be too mucho for you? Even if you multiplied it by thirty days, it would still be a small amount for the change it brings. We invite you to be part of this transformation!


Give "flowers" with profound meaning!


Another way in which you can contribute, is giving a contribution to La Ventana, instead of flowers or a gift that may never be used, when you would like to honor or celebrate someone. We often don't know what to give: Contributing to La Ventana, you can achieve both purposes! Celebrate and help!


If you tell us in the form the purpose of your contribution and the name of the person you would like to honor, together with your email, we will forward you a certificate which you can print and give to the person you celebrate, instead of flowers.


Give a gift with a profound meaning! Contribute, send us your email, and we send you the certificate which you will give instead of flowers!

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Zoo Program!

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For our older youth, 16-18 and above, we have the Zoo Program, which meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 2-4pm and on Saturdays at flexible hours between 9:30am and 3pm. We have the goal of helping them reach greater autonomy in their daily lives, within the possibilities of their condition. They produce beautiful products which we sell. If you would like your daughter or son to join, come any Saturday at either11am or at 2pm for inscription. Welcome! 

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